5 good deeds to do over the Christmas period

Other | Monday 18th December 2017 | Gassy

Christmas is all about family, being cosy, the turkey in the oven and children laughing in a warm home. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford such a Christmas and some people will be alone and maybe lonely.

So why not do a couple of good deeds this Christmas to help people who are in need. Whatever your age you can do little things to make other people happy and it is a good time to teach children the value of sharing.

Take part in the Brixton Soup Kitchen

Brixton community is taking the task on to help feed homeless individuals during the week of Christmas. Support or volunteer below.


You can donate your old toys or new ones here.

Light a candle

Call us traditional or old-fashioned and religious but you don’t have to believe in anything to light up a candle on Christmas day, just have a thought for those less comfortable than yourself. It won’t cost you much and it is a beautiful way to teach values.

Share your Christmas meal or any remaining food



We always have an excess of food at Christmas, why not share it with your neighbours, spread some Christmas cheer. Drink, be merry and share happily!


Be an activist!


The media disclosed slavery in Libya but we suggest you start something new. Start a chain, pass on a message like “NO SLAVERY”. Put up a Christmasy picture of you on social media with a quote or a poster for a cause you believe in. Naomi Campbell has done so. Mickael Jackson said: "If you want to make a change, start with the men in the mirror." Then go out unto the world and do your thing!