Guestlist are proud to announce that we are a part of The Media Fund!

Friday 8th December 2017 | Grace

Guestlist are very proud to announce that we have been accepted into The Media Fund. The Media Fund is an organisation that supports independent media outlets in their efforts to remain free from the control of the established corporate media and its largely narrow, one-sided output.

The Media Fund works by collating the donations from the public and organisationd to support a variety of independent media organisations, with the aim of representing the voice of the general public, something that is of ever growing importance in our corporate, profit-driven world.

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The money raised is split evenly between partners so that everyone can continue to create their own great, indpendent journalism and level the playing field of the media landscape.

With this money, Guestlist can keep up our original selection of articles, stories, videos and all-around entertainment that we have come to be recognised for.

Find out more on their website. Power to the people!

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