Jeshi's new EP is a tripped out hymn to London living

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 8th December 2017 | Alex

Recorded across studios, bedrooms and kitchens around London, and conceived in an apartment in Marrakech, 'The World's Spinning Too Fast' is the perfect primer to get you up to speed with this rising East End talent.

The tracks range from ultra-minimal and alternative monotone crooning to ethereal drum-lead songs filled with compact, tightly woven raps, threaded together as hazy ponderings on love and life in the city.

Vocal collaborations on the project are slim (with only additional vocals coming from Camelia and Pearl De Luna), but the production credits take in a host of hotly tipped beatmakers, including Mura Masa, Lauren Auder, Jorrdee, Reign Supreme, Tev’n, Prince85, Camelia, Oeml and OTG.

You can stream the whole EP below, and buy it here.

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