Da Flyy Hooligan further defines his style with new LP

RnB/Hip Hop | Sunday 26th November 2017 | Phil

S.C.U.M, which stands for ‘Supreme Cut Untouched Magnificence’, is the new LP from Harlesden’s Da Flyy Hooligan. Formerly known to those on the hip-hop scene as Iron Braydz, he is a man who has dedicated years to the culture. 

Having only just dropped at the end of October, reviewers have been positively taken aback by S.C.U.M’s original style and it is the Guestlist hip-hop album of the month for November.

The album has a wonderfully decadent soundscape throughout courtesy of the effortlessly classy, downbeat soul flavours of the relatively unknown producer Agor who, if the sound on S.C.U.M is anything to go by, will also be doing great things in the future. Working perfectly with Da Fly Hooligan's charismatic deliveryAgor’s work here has such a luscious and rich sound that it could easily be mistaken as an entirely analogue production.

With features from fellow 22 Entertainment act Hus Kingpin as well as from Daupe! Record’s Westside Gunn who dropped ‘WESTSIDEDOOM’, a collaboration with MF DOOM earlier in the year, Da Flyy Hooligan is fast cementing a reputation as one to watch in the midst of the burgeoning British hip-hop scene, brought about by the ongoing rise in popularity and deserved media coverage of grime and its host of now globally recognised stars.

In comparison to his first offering in 2016 ‘Ray Winstone’, Da Flyy Hooligan’s style on his last record ‘FYLPM’ as well as here on S.C.U.M has matured in solid fashion whilst losing none of that north-west London grittiness. Including a song dedicated to celebrated U.S artist Sean Price, track after track this LP impresses with its consistent sound.

For a taste of the lush soundscape of S.C.U.M, check out the single ‘Asantihini’ as well as the artist's first interview in two years that details his personal relationship with the Brooklyn legend Price as well as Da Flyy Hooligan's change of artistic direction since he was known to all as Iron Braydz.

You can listen to and buy S.C.U.M on bandcamp here.

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