Mary Gauthier's upcoming album 'Rifles & Rosary Beads' honours the lives of veterans

Indie | Tuesday 14th November 2017 | Cat

Mary Gauthier is due to release her most important work yet, Rifles & Rosary Beads, on January 26th, 2018. This is a work co-written with US Veterans and their families, creating eleven personal and powerful accounts of the struggles that they face, home and abroad.

Every year over 7400 former and current members of the United States Armed services take their own life. Even though these songs are written with US servicemen, soldiers in the UK are dealing with very similar situations. These songs were created as part of the non-profit programme, Songwriting With Soldiers, which brings together professional songwriters, wounded veterans and active duty military.

In the past, Gautier, who has struggled with her own pain and demons, has used songwriting to address her issues of abandonment and also work through her own addiction. However, this is the first album where she will tell somebody else's story, eleven to be exact.

The stories told vary, for example, 'The War After The War' is a prose about living with somebody who has returned from deployment and the strain it puts on a relationship. Meanwhile, the track 'Iraq' tells the story of the sexual harassment of a female military mechanic by her fellow soldiers.

Mary Gauthier album is something beautiful that listeners can relate to whilst helping veterans deal with and share their experiences, ones that only they can understand.

You can watch the official trailer below: