6 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Music Experience

Other | Thursday 9th November 2017 | Annalisa

Mobile devices bring your favourite music anywhere you go. And for music fans, these devices sometimes play music more than they are used for anything else. If you use your device to play music for hours daily, then you want the best experience possible.

1. Check to See if Your Device Has Enough Storage Space

Adequate memory and storage space allows you to store your favorite music on your phone for seamless listening. You won't have to choose between your workout playlist, road trip playlist, and that playlist that makes waiting rooms tolerable. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has 32GB internal memory, and you can expand your storage space up to 256GB with a microSD card.

2. Watch Your Data

Even if you store your favorite music on your phone, a true music lover craves variety. Streaming music services offer unlimited variety whether you prefer Pandora, Spotify, or a more specialized niche service. Unfortunately, this can eat away your data allowance. Enjoy streaming with no fear by choosing an unlimited data plan.

3. Choose The Best Streaming Services For Your Tastes

The larger streaming services provide a library of all the best music for your listening pleasure. Different services license the rights to different music, so check to see which services excel with your favorite genres.

Consider whether you prefer to listen on demand, create playlists or enjoy "radio-style" streaming programs where you may hear new music. If you use fitness apps, you may also want to consider whether the app integrates a popular music service. Most streaming music services offer free and premium versions, and those that do not often provide a free trial. Try a few and then decide which options best suit your tastes.

4. Choose a Great Pair of Headphones

A quality pair of headphones helps create an immersive music listening experience. They also prevent you from annoying colleagues, family and friends who prefer silence or different music. Wired headphones usually sound best. However, there are many high-quality Bluetooth options if you prefer wireless convenience or if your phone doesn't have a headphone jack.

5. Explore Music Playback and Equalizer Apps

Not all music playback apps are equal. Some contain sophisticated equalizer functions and advanced settings to fully optimize your listening experience. Some popular options include:

  • 10 Band Equalizer

  • Equalizer and Bass Booster

  • Neutralizer

Be sure to check whether these apps work with your stored music and your favorite streaming music services.

6. Explore Your Settings

Optimize your settings for the best music playback. The ideal settings vary depending on the model of phone or tablet that you have as well as your preferences. Check your device's help files. Search for tips specific to your device and any music apps and services you use. You may need to experiment to find the right mix, but your Equalizer app may provide an easy solution.

Bonus Tip: Choose fun games and apps. If you enjoy casual games to pass the time, consider a music-themed app so you can enjoy music while you play. Some options include casual DJ music mixing apps or a rhythm tapping game.

Whether you prefer pop, rock, classical or bluegrass music, your mobile device can offer an engaging listening experience. You will enjoy your favorite music with the right combination of settings adjustment, apps, streaming services and headphones.