Muslim student raises awareness of homelessness

Other | Monday 30th October 2017 | Geri

The ARK project (Acts of Random Kindness) created by King’s College’s Islamic Society and 4th year medicine student Naveed Khan aims to do pretty much do what it says on the tin.

But with a strong focus on raising awareness around homelessness; which Khan did by putting together a video with a King’s professor whom they dressed as a homeless person to see if students or colleagues would recognise her, they didn’t.

In London alone there has been a 16% increase in homelessness from the previous year. That’s a vast amount of people who are likely to experience loneliness and social exclusion, often being overlooked or even worse attacked on the streets during the winter months. Not that the time of year makes any difference to the appalling homelessness situation in the UK right now.

The ARK project aims to alleviate just some of these troubles for the homeless, either by offering a rucksack of necessities, a hot meal or even a warm space and chat for those going through these issues.

As well as aiming to tackle homelessness ARK are constantly doing good deeds from visiting the elderly, giving out food or cheering up sick children in hospital.