Cold War 2 - The sequel no one asked for

Other | Thursday 26th October 2017 | Isaac

Everyone is talking about the nuclear tensions between America and North Korea and for good reason! Nuclear war is not an imaginary concept as most of us consider it to be.

World-threatening danger exactly like this is not something exclusive to the new millennium. After World War 2, the Cold War saw a lot of similar aggression between countries. Now it would be stupid to say they’re the same thing. We haven’t got kids being taught nuclear drill in school. But I know I’ve seen one article or another that says, “What to do in case of a nuclear explosion” on my news feed at least twice this week!

That being said, what did the hilariously haired duo of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson say about the nuclear tension when it first started. Well, let’s just say that when you have the President of the United States trying to start a fight like a 4-year old, it’s not particularly encouraging. 



But at least Trump saved money by not calling a press conference and just tweeted his true intentions out. In comparison, Boris was relatively sensible, in his own ridiculous way. He came out saying that “all option are possible” but he at least admitted the military ones weren’t good.

More recently in Trump’s recent UN speech he initially said that he would bring a message of peace, then proceeded to say that the US is ready to “totally destroy” North Korea. That’s like telling someone that you're bringing them pizza and then promptly kicking them in the balls when they open the door. 


What’s more, Kim Jong Un came out as being the rational one, warning Trump that he needs to think before he acts. Which of course Trump took really well, by insulting Kim Jong Un’s height and threatening that North Korea “won’t be around much longer.” Honestly, the way Trump acts, it suggests his age might finally be getting to him.

I mean, we all know someone that is always up for a fight but usually, it just ends with them getting punched in the face, rather than a radioactive hole where a continent used to be.

The worrying thing is, everyone has kind of got used to the craziness. The 10’Oclock News is more like a boring film or a crappy sketch show. Think about it. You’ve got people arguing while they agree with each other and a Prime Minister that is making so many U-turns that it would make a turntable dizzy.

It has come to the threat of nuclear destruction and we’re all just sitting here waiting for the punch line. I’m not saying that we should all go on a peace march, like in the 60s, but we should probably recognise the fact that this isn’t a joke. Well at least we know one thing; the world will end, not with a bang but probably with a tweet.