Sensual Sounds from South London

Indie | Thursday 26th October 2017 | India

South London collective, A House In The Trees emerged from The Rising Sun in New Cross, a pub turn-creative community.

Once a bedroom project,  the group is now newly signed to Handsome Dad Records, which has assembled their redolent vocals, hazy instruments, trip-hop beats and aesthetically pleasing visuals into their latest EP What Am I Supposed to Do? 

The first song to be dropped on What Am I Supposed to Do?  is an alt-pop sensation. 'Summertime' offers up a hypnotic sound that will leave you reminiscing about the summer.

The bands next song 'Amazing Gray' defines “finding happiness when there is no positive stimulus to prop you up”. Sam Hatchwell, the creator of AHITT moves freely to illustrate the spellbinding, emotions of the song. 

Each song on the record seeps with stunning vocals, backed by laid-back grooves that make A House In The Trees, a band to watch in the coming year.