Kings of Leon:'Supersoaker' Available 17th July

Indie | Thursday 11th July 2013 | Keshav

Kings of Leon revealed that new song ‘Supersoaker’ would be released soon. The track will be available to buy from Itunes on 17th July and is the lead single from the bands newest album ‘Mechanical Bull’. The song is a blast from the past with the single sounding like a lot of the band's old material. However there is also the supreme lyricism seen in ‘Come Around Sundown’ . The song was played at Londons O2 arena in June for one of the first times.This time around the band really seem like they have strived to make a great album and are ready to mix the old with the new to establish themselves as one of the best rockbands at the moment. In other news the crowd in Birmingham were treated to a naked crowd surfer. It was possibly the most bizzare thing to see at a gig but the band appreciated it with drummer Nathan Followill tweeting ‘Hey, Birmingham sausage man, if you’re on twitter, DM me. We owe you a beer.’ The album is set to drop Sept 24th. Be excited for one of the biggest and most anticipated albums of 2013!

Keshav Kapoor