Alternative Nomad's guide to Łódź, Poland

Other | Monday 23rd October 2017 | Toms

Łódź, one of the growing numbers of 'alternative' cities in Poland. It stands out due to its expansive network of street art, influenced by the strong artistic movement coming from the 'Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź', as well as it's amazing range of vegan food. 

Today, we'll take a stroll through the city and have a look at where you can get the yummiest vegan meals, as you drink up the tastiest & cheapest beers and take in sights that can only be found in the city. 

Papu Vege

Some would consider it a local legend, offering hands down the best vegan burgers on the globe. They work from a small hole in the wall in the city centre, or from one of their food trucks on street corners, and festivals.

Their menu is very basic, seasonal, switching it up every couple of months. On offer, they have about 4 types of burgers, ranging from Japanese-inspired, Italian-inspired, to beetroot, or sweet potatoes burgers. Get ready to be delighted, and every time a new menu comes out, astonish your taste buds all over again.

You'd be looking at spending about £4 at most for one of their delicious burgers, and you'll be filled to the brim!


What do you get if you buy a flat in Poland, create a tower of stairs in the backyard for the passageway to the entrance, and fill it with second hand and re-purposed furniture? Niebostan.

With a cosy atmosphere, a wide array of cheap local craft beers, as well as colourful, loud, eclectic events, this is the place to be.

Beers go for anywhere between £1 to £4, all top notch.

The City

Rosa's Passage and art installation realised in 2014 by Joanna Rajkowska, covering the passageway with mosaic-like cut out mirror pieces, the scale of it alone is quite staggering. The lights reflecting sunlight creates dancing patterns all the way through, as well as giving the building almost an invisible quality. 

Another noteworthy quality of Łódź is the thriving mural scene. Behind every other corner, you'll find a massive mural sprawling across the whole face of apartments. You can either find maps online that cover most of the locations, or you can take a day out of your busy schedule and wander around collecting snaps of the fascinating pieces of art! 

So fly down to Łódź for the weekend, enjoy the cheap drink, as well as the local culture. Don't worry, you won't run out of places to see!