Cheap Monday - ethical & edgy fashion

Monday 16th October 2017 |

Looking for ethical, environmentally friendly trendy and on season clothes might not sound easy but Cheap Monday makes it so.

Their pieces are sure to please fans of Urban Outfitters, MONKI and Lazy Oaf, as well as those concerned with the environment and human & animal rights.

Starting off in denim apparel, the brand now makes a wide range of men and women’s clothes, shoes plus accessories. The company’s original aims were to be the ultimate sustainable jeanswear brand. They launched their brand with the original unisex skinny fit jeans.

Today the sustainability aim still exists, you can buying eco-friendly materials and buyers can recycle buyers old garments to make new ones. Their flagship store in London even has textile recycling bins for clothes to be dropped off at. 

Cheap Monday’s dedication to the world’s welfare does not end at the environment. The company is devoted to their social responsibilities as well, including maintaining workers rights at every stage of production. In addition to this Cheap Monday is a cruelty-free brand concerned with animal rights. 

Their c/o capsule collection which is made entirely of recycled textiles recently caused Cheap Monday to commission 5 artists to design bold limited edition pieces for them. So as well as environmentally ethical, the brand features work from up and coming fashion designers, thus keeping their designs fresh and unique.  

The most recent collection, released this month, is their 130 bps collection, which is sure to add edge to any wardrobe. Inspired by raves, smoke machines, lasers and kickdrums the collection includes printed tees in the style of old rave flyers. So if you are looking for ethical and edgy fashion, Cheap Monday is definitely one to watch.