Dance the night away at these top 5 party spots in Paris

Other | Wednesday 4th October 2017 | Grace

Known by most as the city of love, Paris has so much more to offer than cute boutiques, quaint coffee shops and amazing architecture.

Not as well known by most tourists, Paris has a whole world of nightlife that is completely separate to its popular day life. For those wanting to see more of the French capital than the Eifel Tower and The Louvre, here is a list of the top five districts to spend your evenings partying the night away.


For those looking for a diverse range of things to do on a night out, Bastille is the area for you. This area has something for every taste, from enjoying a cheap night out at The Bottle Bar to being able to dine and dance at Le Reservoir, Bastille is mostly a younger crowd but welcomes everyone to have a great time.


Although very popular in the mid 90’s, this district of Paris still attracts a cool crowd where visitors can enjoy a live concert at Nouveau Casino or relish in some rock music at Le 114 bar. However, this area can be very prone to over-crowding, so maybe best to head down early before exploring another great area of Paris’s nightlife.  

 The Marais


Boasting a very lively gay and lesbian scene, The Marais welcomes a wide crowd of people and even has its own English-speaking bar, Stolly’s. However, for those seeking a more French experience should head to Amnesia, which plays a mix of funk and soul.



Champs- Elysees is possibly the most touristy night area of the French capital but does brag to have an excellent club scene. The high-end Man Ray is a great place to party where celeb spotters might even catch a glimpse of famous owners like Sean Penn and Johnny Depp. Whilst Le 1515 is a very popular place for those who love the dance music scene.


This area of Paris provides a more real taste of Parisian night-life away from the touristy areas. Built up from a working-class area, Belleville is becoming more popular with café’s and bars being added all the time. Aux Folies is very popular with locals thanks to its cheap beer and friendly atmosphere whilst La Flèche d'Or can be enjoyed by fans of indie and electronica music.

So as well as enjoying all that Paris has to offer in the day, visitors to this popular city can now spend their nights enjoying it too.