Klockworks sorts killer album for KW20

House | Wednesday 27th September 2017 | Arren

Klockworks sort a big compilation for their 20th release.

Ben Klock’s seminal imprint, Klockworks has dropped their special 20th release; Klockworks 20. It’s become a leading label for the cutting edge of techno, seeing tunes from Jay Clarke, Etapp Kyle and the late and great, Marcus Intalex’s Trevino techno alias.

Marking out this significant release, label boss Ben Klock has pulled together a collection of material from all the previous Klockworks’ artists and some new names too. Now, this isn’t just a collection of club ready, driving techno beats - it’s a 20 tracked release that covers all aspects of techno.

Keeping Trevino’s spirit alive, ‘Sombre Rones’ has been a staple in Ben Klock’s sets and a focal point of the Photon shows. Also featured are tracks from Dax J, Rod and Sterac.

You can hear samples of all the tracks below and catch the full tracklist below. Bag yourself a copy here.


  1. Essay - Etapp Kyle
  2. Let’s Go - Jon Hester
  3. Aphite 49 - Adam Craft
  4. Lately - Sterac
  5. Twenty - Ben Klock
  6. In The Middle - DVS1
  7. Sombre Tones - Trevino
  8. Dance of the Warrior - Newa
  9. Late Night Mistress - Dax J
  10. Extra - Rod
  11. Scientific Methods - Sterac
  12. Flux - Troy
  13. Dark Fader - Heiko
  14. Laux Perdita - Jay Clarke
  15. Substract - Ritzi
  16. Lee Acid Modo - Reus
  17. Cops - High Position D
  18. ense - Yoikol
  19. Pacelane - Adam Craft
  20. How I Feel - Vincent

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