You need to know Sizzla 'Fought For Dis'!

Reggae | Wednesday 27th September 2017 | Patience

As one of the most commercially and critically successful reggae artists out today, Sizzla has carved a name out for himself with his punchy lyrics & soulful harmonies. Back with his latest album Fought For Dis, this LP does not disappoint.

Kicking off things with 'Fought For Dis', a thought-provoking tune that will leave you wondering whether we have learnt from the past. The song touches on issues like skin bleaching and knowing your African heritage. Packed full of heavy riddims and propelled by a saxophone & rhythm guitar, it transitions perfectly into the next song 'Freedom'. Featuring the legendary hip-hop duo Dead Prez.

The song is a hip-hop/reggae hybrid that touches on the priceless nature of freedom. Two more artists join Sizzla in the booth for the track 'Happy For You', Capleton and Vershon bring a more chilled out atmosphere to the single. 'Show More Love', Don't Worry' & 'Children Are The Future' are also more mellow in nature.

The follow-up tracks 'Much More' & 'Take My Breath Away' are ear-catchers from start to finish, the smooth beats coupled with their uplifting messages make them an easy listen.

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