Ai Wei Wei puts a spotlight on the migrant crisis

Other | Monday 18th September 2017 | Phil

China’s vivid and controversial artist Ai Wei Wei, known by the art community in London for his 100 million ceramic sunflower seeds that adorned the floor of Turbine Hall at the Tate Gallery, is close to releasing his self-directed documentary ‘Human Flow’, which details the plight of migrants across the globe from those close by such as the Syrian migrants coming into Europe, to those further away like the Islamic communities escaping from persecution in Myanmar in a video diary style documentary.

Famed for his powerful neo expressionist style that almost entirely focuses on turning works of art into important contemporary political statements, Ai Wei Wei, as well as continuing his artistic endeavours, has compiled a fascinating moving image journal that follows the trails of  different groups of migrants making their own respectively treacherous journeys across unknown lands in order to find themselves a new place they can call home.

The release date on Amazon has been set for October 17th so be prepared for a compelling watch.

Check out the trailer for ‘Human Flow’ below.