Catching up with Basshunter

Other | Wednesday 10th July 2013 | Ria

The One and Only Swedish Pop Sensation is Back!

While he was relaxing in Mejorca, we caught up with legendary Swedish pop DJ Basshunter about his upcoming album Calling Time! Basshunter began his career with basement sounds and moved onto becoming a successful record producer with chart topping tracks, not to mention he’s a pretty cool guy! Our reporter Ria chatted up with Basshunter earlier today...

Ria: So let’s start from the beginning, you started recording in your basement and produced the song 'Boten Anna' subsequently the English version 'Now Youre Gone' went crazy! How did it feel to get so big so quickly?

Basshunter: What do you think? Haha! In the beginning it felt unreal because time was moving so fast from when ‘Boten Anna’ went number one in Scandivina, to going number 1 in the UK, I didn’t have time to settle down and to think things through, to figure out what the hell was going on. So it was very unreal. Ofcourse a lot of happiness.

Ria: How would you describe your first album?

Basshunter: My first album was not an official release. It was The Bassmachine and that was before 'Boten Anna', this is like 2003. My first official release was LOL which was just Swedish.

Ria: How would you describe the sound of your beginning music to what you’re producing right now?

Basshunter: You know what, I kind of fall back into my old style every now and then. But I guess now its maybe a little more ‘Mainstream’

Ria: Right, so could you tell us a little bit more about that? What are you most excited about on this album?

Basshunter: The album is very different from the all the other albums today. First of all, the album was one year delayed because I wasn’t happy and every time I did an album it was unofficially finished. I had some time to listen to some new songs and plug into some music programs and discovered this new song and delayed the release for a month, because I wanted to update the new tracks to these new sounds I found... so then when I did that all the other songs sounded like crap compared to the new ones! So I said f*** this I need to reproduce the other ones as well. Then I scrapped a few songs and produced new ones. So to produce this album I pretty much produced maybe about 50 tracks and picked out the best of them. You know when you buy an album from a producer/artist, you kind of hear the same sound repeating in each song, you hear the same sound repeating, but this album is like every song is individual. Like you wont find two songs which have the same sound. Each song is completely different which I think kind of represents what I do because I produce everything and I love producing everything. Sometimes I’m in the mood to produce you know a dance song, sometimes I’m in the mood to produce an R&B song, it’s just interesting because I just want to show people that I can deliver to all ears.

Ria: Amazing! What would you say you’re favorite track on the album is?

Basshunter: My favorite track on the album is 'Crash and Burn', and 'Calling Time'

Ria: Yes I’ve heard ‘Calling Time,’ It’s great! How was your experience on Big Brother?

Basshunter: That was great I loved it! I prepared myself mentally for it and it pretty much was what I expected. But it was a lot of fun and I loved it!

Ria: What would you say one of your favorite moments on Big Brother was?

Basshunter: When Alex Reid kicked the head off my snowman. I thought it was so funny. But I was a little bit mad because you don’t kick the shit out of a Swedish guy’s snow man for no reason… but I know he had a reason!

Ria: Are you planning on doing a tour any time soon?

Basshunter: Yeah I mean we don’t really do much touring but just gigs here and there but I’m doing a US tour next week and I’m doing a big Asian tour this summer.

Ria: Anything specific you want your fans to know about your new album?

Basshunter: The only thing you should do when you listen to this album is listen to it with open ears. Don’t expect to hear just one sound. Maybe when people think Basshunter they think like the kind of “hardass” or whatever but that’s not the case with this album. So open ears, open ears and a big heart.

Ria: Thank you so much for the interview it was amazing talking to you!

Basshunter: It was great talking to you too!

You heard it folks! Basshunter. New Album July 23rd. Open ears and open heart.



Interviewer: Ria Talsania