Cherri V on latest album: 'I wrote about things I was once afraid to speak on'

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 11th September 2017 | Patience

Cherri V is an expert in delivering emotional intimacy in a soothing and captivating voice, that will not only bless your ears but "stimulate your soul." As can be seen in her newest single 'Leave Me Be', a track that touches on being free & accepting yourself.

Not one to shy away from matters of the heart in her music, Cherri V continues to stay true to this in her upcoming album Brown Eyed Soul which the songstress claims reads like her "diary."

Cherri is the perfect example of a woman facing and subsequently never giving in to her obstacles, this can be heard effortlessly throughout her songs and when she speaks on her personal victories. From forgiving others, seeing her own worth and not judging others by her standards, Cherri V lets us know how all these lessons have impacted her & made her next LP "more soulful and honest."

Define yourself using three words.

Driven, goofy and stubborn. 

When did you know music was your calling? 

Apparently, my mum says I declared my love for music at age 5!

I was always encouraged to sing in the church choir and looked up to my mum who is a singer also. I realised it was what I really wanted to pursue when I started writing songs. I always kept a diary from a young age so turning my thoughts into melodies came naturally. I found the therapeutic feeling addictive and it just stemmed from there.

You've said that your journey in life has been your "main source of inspiration," what lessons has life taught you?

So far the strongest lessons have been about acceptance and being unapologetic whilst growing into the woman I am. We forget this often and perfection becomes the goal. I’ve slowly started to let go of that. I don’t believe you can grow to be perfect because you then ignore the differences and uniqueness that only you can express and these differences keep you out of that box and that's a good thing. Forgiveness is a strong one as well and the judgment of that, you’d be surprised how people judge a forgiving individuals actions.

Life and marriage have taught me loads in those departments too and I’m grateful.

How have these lessons impacted your music?

They have impacted my music cause what I write is what I feel. Pretty self-explanatory. I’m stronger and willing to tell my story of emotional growth and discovery.

So is there anything in your life that you would go back and change?

I used to be pretty open on social media about trials and tribulations romantically, I kinda wish I’d kept quiet about some things cause they still come back to haunt me from time to time. It's weird cause the world is very unforgiving so even when you are over said situation, healed and ready to move on, outsiders may not feel the same. I know now that it is best to avoid making emotional decisions in a public domain. Call a friend or few would be my advice to the next girl.

Tell us about your latest single 'Leave Me Be’?

'Leave Me Be' is about meeting people where they are on their journey. Explaining the fact that we are all fighting different battles and interact in our own ways socially so you should allow people to be as they are. How we perceive people may be wrong as we judge by our own standards. 'Leave me be' isn’t an anti-social statement it’s about acceptance.

What can we expect from the album Brown Eyed Soul?

Brown Eyed Soul is very autobiographical, soulful and honest. I wrote about things I was once afraid to speak on and now feel comfortable to do so. It was important for me to create an album which is true to me cause it’s my very first one. Listening to this will be like reading my diary and that excites me!

What do you bring that's special? 

I don’t think that's my place to say. My listener's supporters can give that opinion. I’m just a brown eyed girl singing a lil bit of r&b and soul music and loving it.

You believe that success is about the journey and not the destination, how successful has your 2017 journey been so far? 

I feel like there is a lot more awareness around my project now. Lots more radio support and media coverage surrounding my current release especially. I think people are starting to realise I’m back, ready to launch a new project with a team and plan in place.

Also the messages I’ve been receiving about 'Leave Me Be' alone have blown my mind. It’s a song many Afro/Caribbean women can relate to as well because we are often told we are scary or intimidating when we don’t smile 24/7, so it's been nice to receive feedback in that department and bring many of their thoughts feelings and emotions to light.

If you could play a gig anywhere in the world - where would you like to play?

JAPAN! I need to go there and believe my music can and will take me there someday! Positive vibes.

Tell us something about you that's weird. 

I’m the only person that didn’t watch Love Island!

So what is the message you would like to get across in your music?

It’s important to have a voice, to speak on issues that matter to you and have that outlet. It’s ok to own your emotions and differences. I don’t believe in walking on egg shells and apologising for your existence. I don’t believe I’m less than because I’m dark skinned. I don’t believe you have to be bouncing off the walls 24 hours a day to be seen as a good person. Your dreams don’t expire and life doesn’t have to end when you get married. There's loads, lots of nuggets and messages in there.

What would you do to make the world a better place?

Eradicate racism.

What would you fill a swimming pool with if it could be anything

Inflatable cup holders.

So what got you most excited this last couple of weeks?

I was excited about the Black Magic awards on September 9th where I was performing & honouring Jamelia!

So what's next?

Looking forward to live gigs, releases and another headline show before the year is out! The build up to the album is very exciting. Roll on Brown Eyed Soul!

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