Zero sized models banned from fresh luxury fashion brands

Other | Monday 11th September 2017 | Grace

The beauty industry of today brings with it so much pressure on how to look as perfect as possible, and it is no secret that being skinny is one unachievable standard for both women and men that the fashion business pushes on people.

The result of this has been an unhealthy lifestyle and diet for people of all ages in a desperate bid to lose weight and be socially acceptable. But the truth of the matter is that this sort of lifestyle actually leads to anorexia and in extreme cases, death.

This behaviour is encouraged by many fashion giants who will only hire models of a certain ‘standard’, aka a size zero (UK size 4), and brings with it the idea that this is what society sees as beautiful.

However, two French fashion labels, Kering and LVMH (who own Gucci, Saint Laurent, Vuitton et Dior) have realised the detrimental effect this is having on young people and have officially banned size zero and underage models.

The move has been put in place to protect both young models who work for the companies and also to help prevent eating disorders amongst those who take inspiration from the fashion industry.

This move has come after France banned zero size models earlier on in the year, and models in the country now must provide a doctor’s note to say they have a healthy BMI before they can start work. French magazines now also must declare if they have altered an image in a magazine or they can face fines of up to 37,500 euros.

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This step is thought to be by many, a step in the right direction and is now encouraging others to follow suit as well as pushing for more diverse models in general.