EGG London's record label 'What Came First' drops new compilation!

House | Monday 4th September 2017 |

EGG London is a club that in recent years has been at the forefront of electronic music in England’s capital city.

Weekend bookings regularly include club land royalty, and in September 2017 alone it will play host to everyone from Pig&Dan to Davide Squillace.

'What Came First' is a label directly linked to EGG London, which is run by the club owners as an extension of the venues music policy, and often showcases music from the club’s main residents and popular headline bookings.

The latest 'What Came First' release is an eight track EP showcasing a selection of tracks from new and under exposed artists, which the EGG feels represents its diverse sound covering the full spectrum of house and techno.

Anyone who has ever attended a night at the EGG should check out this release, as it will no doubt have something to bring back fond memories of your night on the EGG dancefloor. 

Grab your copy from Beatport here.