Grizzly Bear return with a bang!

Indie | Friday 18th August 2017 | Diana Lupica

Painted Ruins, Grizzly Bear's fifth studio album, is gleaming with cathartic arrangements and a synth-induced eclecticism, making for an intriguing sonic record. 

What was once dubbed as freak-folk has now blossomed into an assortment of chamber pop and prog-folk, making Grizzly Bear's newest project their most potent to date.

Known for their baroque-inspired single 'Two Weeks' - the alternative band's catchiest tune - Painted Ruins attempts to recreate the same allure, with beat-driven and layered, synth-heavy compositions.


The Brooklyn-based indie rock four-piece groove to lush atmospheric melodies, with 'Wasted Acres' awakening all kinds of nostalgies. Going deeper into the set, jazzy moments fused with old textures and guitar distortions that speak about both newfound comfort and battling demons might come as a surprise.

"Given that our albums aren't necessarily like, you listen to it once and you love it, I want to give an album at least five listens," says frontman Ed Droste. "Because it unfolds upon you. You keep discovering things." For the multifaceted album that it is, Painted Ruins, it reaches heights that only prove Grizzly Bear's consistent ability to bring forth impeccable music and idiosyncratic lyrics. 

Channeling new-wave synths and emotions draped in hazy pop beats, 'Mourning Sound' stands out as the band's venture into anthemic choruses and translates into a powerful, yet lyrically tumultuous piece. "Let love age/ And watch it burn out and die," coos Rosen at the end of this enthralling song.

With a familiar sound that almost feels like coming home, the band's immeasurable talent is laid bare, and it vibrates with potential like never before. Painted Ruins will show you highs and lows, bliss and chaos, fragility and aggression.

Yet again, Grizzly Bear have created a truly unmissable and show-stopping record that will twist, break, and mend you at the same time.