"Read it and take heed!" an interview with Rob Cockerton

House | Wednesday 9th August 2017 | Cristina

Once credited as the man who taught Nic Fanciulli how to DJ, Rob Cockerton is an artist who's finally getting the wider recognition he deserves outside of the Kent scene he's so associated with.

We caught up with the producer and DJ following the release of his latest EP for ABODE, 'Design Your Life'.

Hey Rob, great to catch up - where are you in the world right now? 

I’m 10 storeys up in a lift shaft!

Your new EP on ABODE is called ‘Design Your Life’ - where did this title come from? Is it a sort of life mantra for you? 

You are your own boss, you are in charge of your destiny, and you do not have to be a designer to ‘design your life’. It’s a thought provoking title, read it and take heed!

What did you enjoy most about creating this one?

 Everything I make is an enjoyable process, starting out as a simple sample or vocal then ending up with something to play out is just a great feeling!

Have you played either of the tracks at any ABODE parties yet this summer? 

It was exactly a year ago that I first dropped ‘groove to the beat’ on the terrace at studio 338 for ABODE.

Tell us a bit about your relationship with ABODE. How did you come to be involved with the party and label and how has it grown since then? 

I knew the guys from clubbing and was booked several times to play various Abode parties across London, Kent & Ibiza. I was honoured to be asked to the first release on the label. It's been an incredible journey and a privilege to work with the team & a solid bunch of super talented residents.

You’re still very well known as a part of the electronic scene in Kent - what makes this area special for music? 

Maidstone must have some magical ley line or something!

We read you helped introduce Nic Fanciulli to DJing - how did that come about? Are you both still friends? 

I think I taught Nic how to play records & drink a lot at the same time lol... Yes, we speak at least a few times a week & we recently got to play together which was so good!!

What’s been your highlight gig of the summer so far? 

A few weeks back I got to play in the new garden area at Studio 338 for Abode, the sun was setting and the place was heaving, that was pretty special! 

And what was the most memorable gig of your life to date - good or bad? 

Jeez, there's been so many, I think this year playing for the Social Festival in Colombia was right up there - amazing experience!

What future plans are you most looking forward to right now?

I have an EP with Mark Fanciulli due to drop around mid-September which I’m really excited about & cannot wait to share with you all :)

And to conclude, how would you summarise your new EP in three words? 

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Rob Cockerton's 'Design Your Life' EP is out now on Beatport