Noah brings punk style to ethical fashionistas

Other | Sunday 6th August 2017 | Claudia

Sustainable fashion has become the hot topic on everyone's lips right now. With fashion being the second most harmful contributor to the environment's problems, it's no wonder ethical fashion has become trendy, through necessity, yes, but at least the word is out.


I mean I don't wanna be living on Mars in 50 years because of careless attitudes towards our environment. Or do I … anyway before I get ahead of myself and start buying space suits let me introduce Noah.



The New York label Noah has been gathering plenty of attention this year, kinda like the hot new girl at school she's got brains and beauty. Founded by the former Creative Director of Supreme, Brendon Babenzien.


Babenzien has written about issues like pesticides and ocean pollution, the designer is constantly working to manufacture the brand's products through sustainable practices. A twist is put on the brands care labels. On each of their products, there isn't just only a guide on how to wash their clothing but also feature a fact about the damage humans are doing to the ocean.


Noah's style of skateboard and punk culture has made it an innovative and exciting brand. In a generation where so many seem to be sheep's and followers, this brand is making a unique and self-proclaimed stance in sustainable fashion.



However, Noah's passion doesn't just fall with style it also has a conscious side to it; and brands itself in representing many controversial & political issues. Such as the trending hashtag and movement, #BlackLivesMatter, as well as transgender rights.


At a time of uncertainty and racial tension, brands such as these could be playing a big role in creating long-term change.


Want to look trendy and do good, Noah is worth looking into. Go check out their website here.