Shopping centres announce an hour of shopping heaven for people with autism

Wednesday 2nd August 2017 | Grace

Crammed and busy shopping centres can be an awful experience for people at the best of times.

But imagine how it must feel to a person with autism, who can often become overwhelmed in uncomfortable situations where simple and everyday things like loud noises, lots of people and over-the-top lighting can feel like way too much.

Well, good news comes in the form of a shopping centre for people who have autism. As the shopping centre giant Intu is creating a day where people with autism can enjoy shopping stress-free, on October the 2nd in every one of its 14 shopping centres across the UK. 

Including Derby, London, Manchester and many more.

They will be dimming the lights, turning down the music and making sure there are not many people around for one whole hour of shopping bliss, as the first places in the world to do this.

This will also be part of autism awareness to make life easier for people with autism.