Matt and Nat prove you can be a fashion guru with a guilt-free conscience

Other | Sunday 30th July 2017 | Rose

Who are Matt and Nat?

The name ‘Matt and Nat’ means ‘material’ and ‘nature’. It proves that a connection can be made harmoniously between the two - instead of nature being abused in the creation of material goods.

They are a cruelty-free fashion brand who specialise in bags, but also have purses, shoes, and other gift-style goods.

They visit each factory and build strong personal relationships with suppliers. This allows them to be 100% sure they are collaborating with ethical companies, as they see the production first-hand.

They also use all sustainable materials such as cork and rubber. The linings inside all MATT & NAT bags are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles - and they have a lot of bags!

Not only do Matt and Nat possess some sick ethics but their clothes are simplistically beautiful, and built from quality. From the experience of one of the team members here at Guestlist, their fashion items stand the test of time!

If you love the leather look, their faux leather does not look tacky or fake. Their whole aesthetic is minimal and delicate, which reflects the vegan movement in a good way.

Often if people say ‘vegan fashion’ you might think of sandals and socks, baggy trousers... A real hippy look, that doesn’t really scream ‘style’. Matt and Nat defeat this stereotype completely.

Their head office is a cruelty-free zone - which is pretty cool for such a big successful company! They say when its someone's birthday in the office, they celebrate with vegan cupcakes. Can we have some?

The great news for you is that they also currently have a sale on - up 40% off!

Wear beautiful clothes with pride. Check them out today.