Underground Indie Queens 'Dakota' Are Too Dreamy

Indie | Tuesday 4th July 2017 | Rachel

All the way across the waters to the land of debauchery comes a Dutch 4 piece that goes by the name of Dakota.

Planted in an instantly breezy presence of sleepy riffs and piercing falsetto vocals, this tune could easily be dismissed as passive and uninspiring dream-pop. Yet with the strong lyrical premise, ‘Silver Tongue’ is an ode to coping with that person in your life who tries to knock your dreams and goals at every opportunity. The track embraces the sentiment of always keeping your head held high and your eyes on the prize, never giving in to the naysayers.

This notion is rendered much more powerful as the track races on, and the soundscape is flooded with choir-like backing that inspires a gust of life into this melting pot track.

Constantly cloaked in an ever unwinding haze, Dakota have often been described as excellent ‘chill out couch music’, of which ‘Silver Tongue’ does not disappoint. Yet as the fumes of their unfurling tracks descend, never does Dakota blend into the depths of background music.

Dakota rose to fame with their past EP Leda, a track that faces a harder, garage rock persona, and Icon which is pasted with a shoegazing aroma and sepia-toned music video. 

Having recently played some major festivals including the Great Escape, look out for Dakota as they make their way in the underground indie scene. This is most definitely a band to remember.

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