Nine good deeds you can do today

Other | Thursday 29th June 2017 |

Like most people, you want to do something good for someone but you find it hard to come up with ideas. So here are 10 good deeds you can do today to make someone's day, and even better, it will make you feel good too. 

 Make a blood donation

Go here to register to see if you are eligible to donate blood; you can still be useful even with all that alcohol you drink. Not only are you saving a life but science also shows that donating your blood lowers your weight & risk of heart disease.  



Take the clothes you don't wear anymore to your local charity. Just make sure to donate items that are in good condition. Keep the ripped and dirty clothes to yourself, if that is your style. See here for more information.

Be generous  

Buy an Oyster card or a ticket for someone who needs it, it's easy to find someone that needs help, it all just depends on how much you are willing to give. 

Make a home for a four-legged friend 

Adopt an abandoned animal. Here are a couple shelters in the UK that will take you one step closer to getting a new best friend: The Society for Abandoned Animals, RSPCA, Battersea Cats & Dogs Home and Wood Green

Be Green

Here are a couple of ways you can protect the environment: plant a tree, recycle, borrow instead of buying, have shorter showers, ride a bike and stop creating traffic jams.

Be a friend 

Go to a nursing home or a hospital and talk with an elderly person who doesn't get many visits. Just remember, when we say talk we don't mean sharing all your problems, they're not psychologists. 

Save a life 

Collect the drugs you haven't used and send them to a foreign country. But not the expired ones, the goal is to make people's lives better not worse. 

Offer a helping hand when you can

It is a lot easier to judge than it is to look beyond our assumptions and offer whatever kind of help we can to others. Whether that be giving money to the homeless, to helping a drunk person get home safely. Be as creative as possible and think of what you can do for the people right next to you. 

Make your friends read this article

Yeah, if they read it then maybe they will do a good action too, clever, eh?

So there you have it, here a couple of good deeds you can use to make people's lives better, so get out there and do your good deed or two for the day. Good luck!