Do a good deed and share the love

Other | Tuesday 27th June 2017 |

You want to do a good deed but something gets in your way. Maybe you feel like it's too difficult or you think you need to be a millionaire to help people. Your wrong!

The falafel restaurant Pilpel is showing us that we can all do simple acts of kindness every day, by encouraging people with their 'Pilpel For the People'. All you have to do is get yourself a 'good deed' card, by sending your address to the 'Pilpel For the People' on their Facebook pageonce you've done a good deed, you pass on the card to allow other people to spread the love! 

It's easy, you can 'spread the love' by helping a woman with her pushchair on the underground or you can pay for someone's lunch, its all up to you! So don't think too much, be spontaneous and let your heart speak to the world. 

You can also log your experience here, and encourage more people to do small acts of kindness.

Good luck!