Harlequiin Greet us with an Electronica, bassy mix

Indie | Thursday 15th June 2017 | Rachel

With this fascinating curve of chilled dance-hall beats and sleepy bass, Harlequiin have grabbed us with their newest track, 'Clock That's Stopped'.

Injected with fistfuls of electronic euphoria, ‘Clock That’s Stopped’ is the newest release of Harlequiin, a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who has toured with an extensive list of artists from Bat for Lashes and Mount Kimbie to Paolo Nutini and the 1975.

Harlequiin’s angelic guest vocals of Elliot Cole whisper across the beat that feels neither one genre nor another, but in limbo between electronic and soft indie.This style is appealing to dance lovers and indie people alike.

As their discography grows, their recognition primarily found in the shadows is edging into the light, especially with an EP as unwinding as this one.

‘Melt in Olive’ was the first track to be released from Harlequiin's upcoming EP, and displayed a very impressive brand of soulful electronica, integrating electro-soul with a pop sheen. This track is feistier than its counterpart. 

Lyrically, emotionally and with enticing sounds, Harlequiin’s promising EP makes them one to watch!