F-ABRIC, making sustainable fashion badass!

Other | Monday 12th June 2017 | Lorna

A pioneer in the world of sustainable fabrics, Freitag have recently launched F-ABRIC, a biodegradable textile produced in Europe. Made from the bast fibres of hemp and flax, each piece can be put onto the compost pile at the end of its life and recycled to create something new! 

Freitag started back in 1993 when two graphic designers - Markus and Daniel Freitag - wanted a durable, waterproof bag to carry their work in. After experimenting with truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes and car seat belts, they created a messenger bag that was a hit all over their native city, Zurich and beyond, with customers all over Europe and even Asia.

As well as the popular F13 bag, Freitag also creates wearable, everyday pieces from jeans to dresses. Their cotton-free denim is 81% linen and 19% true hemp, while their super-soft, breathable t-shirts are 75% modal. Similar to cotton, the fabric is created from beechwood extracts and the beech trees reproduce naturally so no planting is needed.


At £50 for a plain black t-shirt, Freitag’s products might not be in everybody’s price range, but it’s a small price to pay knowing the garments will last for years to come, and be given a new lease of life once recycled.



Freitag clothing can be found on their website.