Japanese producer Kafuka brings nature and music closer together

House | Saturday 20th May 2017 | Lilly

Having learnt to play the keyboard as a child, Eshima’s interest in nature led him to express these elements using a huge variety of musical instruments.

Kafuka is the experimental and rather eclectic solo electronic music project of all round Japanese artist Eshima Kazuomi. Reprocessing samples and recording guitars and other natural sounds, he creates a collage of dreamy textures, slowly evolving melodies, and stuttered rhythms that call back to the roots of IDM while simultaneously tackling new emotional ground. By day Eshima composes for film and television in Japan, and his professional technical proficiency in the studio is strongly reflected in his solo works.

To forget the pursuit of harmony. To recall the past to make a future. Forever seeing yourself reflected, feeding back in eternal repeating cycles. A dialog with oneself within the natural world. Choosing a final destination as the journey ceaselessly repeats. I hope to share what I’ve experienced in this big journey. I hope you will feel both a sense of nostalgia, and a sense of newness. That makes our harmony,” says Kafuka

The amalgamation of sounds contained within this distinctive LP is the result of adding algorithmically generated elements using the audio programming software Max/MSP. This approach, when combined with the artist's strong inclination towards nature, is responsible for the emotive sounds which are apparent throughout the album, along with the multitude of annexed musical elements drawn from a plethora of traditional electronic genres.

Citing influences such as AUTECHRE, Chris Clark, Sakamoto Ryūichi, Oasis, Radiohead and Death Cab For Cutie, Kafuka has effectively conveyed his affinity with these artists while maintaining a sound that still reflects the foundation of his music - Nature itself.

For an enticing sample of Kafuka's upcoming album which is out worldwide 26th May on limited vinyl / limited edition CD via Perfect Touch in Japan or digital on, check out the Soundcloud links below.