Why these people are protesting outside Channel 5!

Other | Thursday 18th May 2017 | Patience

Since Channel 5 released their documentary; 'Inside the Gang' it has been met with outrage, and here's why.

The documentary is meant to investigate gang culture in London but only worked to reinforce negative stereotypes of black youth and glamourise the gang world. Cause that's clearly what black people need right now!

This isn't even the first time that Channel 5 have got it so wrong. In 2016 they filmed the documentary 'Gangland' which could have featured a couple of positive black role models, if they hadn't been cut out from the show!

With the lack of representation already given to black people, shows like these only do more damage than good. Especially with the amount of positive black role models that the media could use but choose not to.

It seems like the media is intentionally promoting a one-dimensional view of the black community, and documentaries like 'Gangland' and 'Inside the Gang' keep on reinforcing it time and time again.

However, many like Chris Preddie and Qozo Medici are taking matters into their own hands. Leading a peaceful march they went down to Channel 5's headquarters on May the 15th to demand more from an establishment that should know better.