Los Charly's Orchestra celebrate 10 years with UK Soul legend, Omar!

Other | Monday 15th May 2017 | Nicky

Good news! music lovers, record diggers & soul searchers! Los Charly's Orchestra celebrate their 10th anniversary by joining forces with the soul legend, Omar, for their latest Caribbean infused Disco/Boogie double header excursion, ‘Its So/History’ which is released in June on Imagenes Records!

It's a Caribbean-infused Disco/Boogie banger that's bound to re-shape the dancefloor with its funky fusion. 


The Classic Vocal mix of ‘It’s So’ erupts in funky latino style that grooves effortlessly behind Omar’s heart-searing vocal whilst the vocal version is more of a raw funk grabbing beast from the get go…all dancing guitars and hypnotic disco abandon. 


Following on is the vocal version of ‘History’, a tropical boogie session that pulls at the heart strings and gets you moving with its distinct vocal and synth-driven disco inspired groove. 


With instrumentals also included they are essential soul food for groove music aficionados


Made up of Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel, LCO have left an important landmark on the global Soulful Disco and Jazz-Funk landscape with their tireless production machine as they continue to deliver enduring epic groovers such as ‘All Around The World’, ‘Everlasting Love’ & ‘Sunshine’.



Vocals: Omar Lye-Fook 

Keys: Xantone Blacq 

Bass: Mateus Nova 

Guitar: Raphael Delphino 

Drums: Juan Laya 

Horns: John Allen

Strings: Ben Brown 

Percussion: Alejandro Martinez 

Produced by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel 



Record Label: Imagenes Recordings

Format: Vinyl 12” & Digital Download

Release date: 16th Jun 2017 from the usual record stores & digital outlets.