Marcus I on 'Inner Calling': 'It is a call from within, to look inside and find our true self, sincere and naked'

Reggae | Friday 5th May 2017 | Patience

Filled with tasty grooves and jammin beats, Marcus I & The TuXcone Army have done reggae proud with their latest LP 'Inner Calling.' Reminiscent of the 70's in Jamaica, this is an album bound to be a reggae roots classic.

True to its nature, each track is packed with conscious messages and thought-provoking lyrics. Marcus I gives us some insight on why this album was so 'nice and easy' to work on.

How did you get into reggae?

It was when I was fifteen years old, reggae music has this sad but hopeful feeling, and this revolutionary message that I connected with immediately.

So I started playing with friends, searching sounds, looking for new artists, albums and writing songs.

So how would you describe your sound?

Roots, reggae & warrior!

Tell us about your recent album Inner Calling.

Our goal was to pay tribute to the classics of Jamaica from the 70s that influenced us so much, not only in the way that we perceive music, but also in the way we look at the world, and not just through their sound, but also though their urgent message of crisis.

We did the best we could to not just imitate there ways.

What was the hardest part about making the album?

The hardest part personally has been to find my own natural voice, to understand this concept, focus on my feelings and messages, and forget the unnecessary distractions. The vocal production took me a while, but now I am glad I am on my way.

Where did the name Inner Calling come from?

Inner Calling is a call from within, to look inside and find our true self, sincere and naked.  To listen to our hearts and follow the good values, don’t let the materialist system fool you! Meditate and listen to your soul.

You worked with the TucXone Army on this album, how did that collaboration come about?

TucXone Army is a TucXone records reggae project, I’ve been working on other projects with them since the beginning, and all the musicians know each other so it was easy to work with everyone. We did it all nice and easy, knowing what each of us had to do so the rehearsals were really fluid, and we recorded it all together during the weekend. It was perfect!

You currently live in France what's the reggae scene like out there?

At the moment I can talk about the scene here in Provence Côte d'Azur. French people really love reggae, it’s very important music here. You can listen to it on the radio all the time, and there are good concerts and sessions here.They really love rub a dub, people smile when you play it.

You have described moving to France as a 'new birth' what exactly do you mean by that?

My artist project Marcus I, started out coincidentally with my journey in France so It’s been a new start in all ways, new project, a new album, new voice, new style, new country, new way…a rebirth.

What is your life motto?

Give without the need to receive, live the life you want to live.

What would you do to make the world a better place?

Cut power to politricks serving banks and give the power to the people, revert global warming, take religion out of governments, cut supply to terrorism and wars by erasing secret accounts in tax heavens, balance countries between an open gate, invest in education  and preserve the culture, legalize marijuana and promote alternative resources of energy!

What would you feel a swimming pool with if it could be anything?

I would fill it with hopes and smiles, to make people whom are lost, jump into it so they can feel good again.

So what are the next goals for you?

I’m working on new tunes for different Sound System producers out in Spain, the new releases will be on my Facebook Soundcloud & Bandcamp

So don't forget to check them out, hope you like it!