Rock Nostalgia Meets Innovation - Meet the Prowles

Indie | Thursday 4th May 2017 | Rachel

Often with new artists that emerge from the depths of the new rock age, do we find a contingency for bands that attempt to cut their material form the same cloth of groups already on the scene. With this may come an arguably monotone output of almost identical work.

Although it’s early days, Prowles are laying their stepping stones in what seems to be the right direction. By sidestepping these repeated sounds and ignoring the run down agenda, Prowles are exercising a greater portion of rock nostalgia, implanted with ear-pricking homespun, jagged grunge.

With their debut single 'High Breed', paired with a brand new music video that mimics yet inverts the story of Little Red Riding Hood, 'High Breed' bleeds the passion and exhaust of a relationship no matter its kind, stretching those most challenging and bewildering moments.

Vocalist, writer and ethos behind the tracks, Alex Brown drapes the lyrics through the chorus; ‘And when I have you I will hold you so I can’t breathe, ‘cos I don’t know what’s good for me’. 

The casual existence of the band's assembly came around as the group had an awakening and a shared, explicit attraction to music before the group just clicked.

Brown has also talked about how literature had provoked their work, most poignantly the band being named after George Orwell’s shortening of the word Proletarian, and thus the writer's working class backgrounds being critical to their musical creation.

Prowles bawling debut single 'High Breed' sets the scene for this flourishing new act. Their ability to cherry pick the satisfying structures of old favourites like Nirvana, through their cutting guitar hooks, along with Brown's rare vocal acoustics similar to Black Francis, their influences are clearly highlighted without ever being over indulged.

As yet another fresh band out of Manchester sows their seeds into the underground scene, Prowles are set to force their way through as the fierce force they already appear to be. 

The lads are also set to tour around the UK in May, June & August . 



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