Like Trump, but good!

Other | Tuesday 2nd May 2017 | Osh

Okay, so now who's turn is it to give the world a big fuck you?

To stick two fingers up at the media and to say 'fuck all of this fake news'...

Well, ha, it's our turn! 

We've all witnessed the bloodbath that is Brexit, the trauma of Trump and we have asked ourselves is this real, is this what it has come to? This is not what we asked for, this is not what we wanted.

We have even seen the media upset, they got it wrong with the referendum, they got it wrong with the US election and yes they will get it wrong once again. 

When Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister and he stands victorious outside of Downing Street, on June 9th he will call out the media, call out the pollsters and call out the politicians, only instead of facing this with disbelief, we will be there cheering the man along! 


This time it will be us waiting for the hurricane to come! Now time for the executive orders Jeremy, make them swift, make them sharp! Follow through on those crazy campaign promises of half a million council homes, saving the NHS, the world's 5th largest employer just after MacDonald's, protecting the environment, attacking inequality (taxing the rich), making the 1% pay for the shit that needs to be paid for.


Fighting for the homeless, to put peace and justice at the heart of foreign policy! While we watch those that demand equality rejoice, as the privileged march in the streets demanding more! 


Ah yes, it's just like Trump, but in a good way of course. Corbyn is a voice for the voiceless, he threatens the system because his not just a "dreamer", as accused by some, his ideas can and will change things. 


The possibilities of Corbyn as Prime Minister are endless, maybe he will ban the banks from flying all over the place getting countries in debt or maybe he will scrap plans to dismantle the health service!


However, one thing we are sure of, he won't damage the environment, give the banks free reign to deregulate themselves and he definitely won't start a war with North Korea.