Why we should all go out and watch 'I Am Not Your Negro'

Other | Tuesday 18th April 2017 | Grace

Primarily made for a US audience, ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ has a message that every person in the western world should make note of. That is that to learn from the mistakes of the past and to acknowledge that there are so many civil rights problems that are far from gone. 

This hard-hitting documentary tells the story of the treatment of black people in America, focusing mainly on the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, as told through the real-life notes and letters of writer, James Baldwin and voiced in a chillingly poetic way by Samuel L. Jackson.

Clips and interviews of famous civil rights activist such as Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X are montaged with photographs of the violence and protests to bring forth the reality of what happened at the time, a struggle which today, especially in the UK, can often be forgotten about.

Despite the general beautiful piece of cinema and reminder of an unforgivable past, the film highlights the struggle of the sense of belonging that black people face in America.

The real reason to go out and watch this film is to not only to educate ourselves on a history that is rarely spoken about in this country but also to realise the refection that this film has on the modern day, to see the struggle that is still faced by so many on a day to day basis and to think about what we can all do to change this.