"Old skool is the best skool" - 25 years of Desire 2000AD

Drum and Bass | Thursday 13th April 2017 | Nicky

2000AD productions was, in the 90’s, one of the elite organisations that put on some of the very best nights from Tasco Warehouse to Roller Express, spreading the jungle and hardcore love that was capturing the generation at the time.  

Now they are back, and looking to show some of the new school how it’s done. With more than 25 years experience in the game, they bring a host of the original deejays that made their parties so special to the heart of Hipster town in Hoxton, London, at Kamio on Good Friday all the way till 6 in the morning!

The 1st ever Desire party was held in the Tasco Warehouse, Plumstead in April 1992. They have since then held many top parties in various venues all over the country, as well as in Germany and as far afield as Australia. Attracting crowds of up to 5000 people, and now here we are 25 years later, still at it. However these days, our events are more personal, putting on nights in venues slightly smaller and more intimate than we did all those years ago, and we know Kamio is the perfect venue to celebrate our 25th birthday, you lot are gonna love it. it’s perfect, 2 large rooms, booming sound, wicked visuals, great security and proper seated outside chill out area.

The line-up we have for this momentous occasion is a proper Desire Old Skool line up. We will be taking you on a musical trip down memory lane, playing all the underground classics from Jungle, Hardcore, House, Balearic and Acid. For them, it’s a very personal event, for all the original Desire family, and anyone who wants to experience the magical Desire atmosphere for the 1st time they look forward to seeing you all on Bank Holiday Good Friday April 14th and help them celebrate 25 years of putting the fun back into raving. 

Room 1 - Old Skool Hardcore & Jungle 
RAGGA TWINS LIVE PA (Spliff Head, Hooligan 69, Shine Eye Gal)
Billy Daniel Bunter 
Uncle Dugs 
Kenny Ken 
Devious D
Roger Johnson 
Demolition Crew 
Hosted by Flux & Mental 

Room 2 - 88/89 Acid, Classic House & Balearic Beats
Jumping Jack Frost 
Matt Maurice 
Token Pace 

Joey G 
DJ Molsie 

Hosted by Chalkie White

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