Before Nas and Jay-Z there was Kool G Rap

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 11th April 2017 | Phil

Without a doubt one of your favourite rapper's favourite rappers, Kool G Rap was part of the now sacred Juice Crew on Cold Chillin' Records.

Cold Chillin' Records is a label recognised as foundational in the development of the New York rap scene, with a roster including many recognised greats of the game such as Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Masta Ace and the coveted East Coast production genius Marly Marl.

G Rap has always been held with utmost reverence by not only the proper hip hop heads and true rap devotees, but many of raps biggest ever players including Nas, Jay-Z and Eminem to name but a few of the multitude of heavyweights, all of whom rate him up there with the legendary likes of Rakim, KRS-ONE and Public Enemy's Chuck D. 

In anticipation of his first studio recorded album in six years suitably named 'Return Of The Don', KGR Films have released a 3 minute trailer dedicated to promoting it.  Most Hollywood films don't even get that so make sure to check out the trailer below!

Being a fan of G Rap since I picked up a copy of his 1995 street odyssey '4,5,6', I then becoming entranced with the two vintage singles he cut with Nas, the 'Fast Life' remix and 'Hola Back to Dope'. More recently he released the 2013 NYC gangsta/death rap opus ‘The Godfathers’ in collaboration with Necro and then in 2013 featured several times on Ghostface Killah's powerfully thematic '36 Seasons'.

Usually known for making songs with top U.S rap acts, Klasknekoff was the first UK rapper to get G Rap to drop a verse on a UK track, first making an appearance on U.N.K.L.E’s ‘Psyence Fiction' LP way back in ’98. Not long ago in 2013 he also collaborated with the forever on the grind High Focus Records producer and rapper better known as one of The Four Owls, Leaf Dog.

G Rap is truly an NYC street veteran that all fans of hardcore rap should be down with.

Although the actual release date is yet to be announced, expect G Rap to bring his fabled brain-bending multisyllabic bars and along with them dope features, with top artists such as Raekwon and Sean Price getting in on the action. 

I know this LP is gonna pack some serious heat. You can check out his UK tour dates here.