Gudrun Von Laxenberg's 'On The Road' playlist is full of gems

Indie | Monday 3rd April 2017 | Arren

Gudrun Von Laxenburg are on the verge of dropping their debut album, Panic anytime now. For a group who have a very distinctive personality it's set to be something very special. The trio are known for their very electro indie sound and their visual identity that comes with it. Their special blend has formed a huge grass roots following and a signing with Skint.

They have recently released Just Can't Get Enough as well as a video for their last single, Moving Water.

With so much happening with the guys ahead of Panic and the tour that'll no doubt follow, the trio have shared with us their favourite records to have on the road.


LCD Soundsystem - Get Unnocuous (live at Madison Square Garden)

"This live recording always gives me the chills and definitely sets the right mood for hitting the stage!"

The Shoes - Time to Dance

"That track has got such a straight forward drive and the sequenced synth riffs wake me up every time after leaving the hotel room! Everytime!"

Panjabi MC - Mundian to Bach Ke

"This may be a guilty pleasure, but to be honest who doesn't love the knight rider bassline! So when we arrive at the gig venue we pump up the volume, open the car windows and rave in our seats to this tune! At least then everyone knows that we are here!"


Black Sun Empire - Hyper Sun

"Some years ago, we nearly destroyed the soundsystem of our tourbus while listening to this tune on our way to a show."

The Slackers - Have The Time

"Forever one of my favourite bands and this will always be played and celebrated as a mood lifter on foggy tour days."

Rage Against The Machine - Snakecharmer

"This one's for Vipz, the light engineer, driver and best buddy of the band."


Trentemøller - Take Me Into Your Skin

"If you have some extra bass in your tour bus (like we had once) this song gives you an extra kick. It doesn't matter if you travel to a gig with excitement or return while being still drunk or completely hangover."

Jackie Mittoo - Darker Shade of Black

"He's one of my favourite keyboard players ever! If I need to rest in the tour bus, that's my way to go."

A Tribe Called Red - R.e.d.

"You may see a tribe and other hallucinations on the horizon of the highway while listening to this fantastic track and its sounds."

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