Dream Team: Yoni Lappin and Mura Masa Release '1 Night' Video!

House | Monday 3rd April 2017 | Pasha

When you watch a Yoni Lappin video you feel at home as the world becomes the youthful microcosm of your teens.


Lappin, the three time collaborator with 20-year old producer  Mura Masa, dropped his video for ‘1 Night’, featuring Charlie XCX, last week. 



After directing Masa’s ‘Love$ick’ and ‘What if I go’, the musician and filmmaker perfectly capture the essence of what it is to be young and carefree in urban London.



The retro feel of the videos induce a nostalgia for times that haven’t happened yet, transporting you to  long summer days where there’s nothing to do but sit on grassy commons, sharing rollies and drinking cider from cans with friends… and friends of friends… and your best friend’s cousin who’s staying over. 



The candid videos are endlessly optimistic and Lappin creates almost hypnotic visions made with the social media generation in mind.


The effect is never patronising or pretentious and unusually heart-warming. The duo are the perfect accompaniment to the British summer that always carries the  promise of kissing your crushes and wearing your festival bands until they turn your arm slightly green.