Why Seejay100 Can't Give Up!

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 15th March 2017 | Patience

Here to get us wavy, Seejay100 is an all rounder. Known for his sharp delivery and stellar acting skills in the film The Intent, he is one to watch. Since the release of his debut mixtape Always100, which saw him working with the likes of Stormzy, Bonkaz, Scorcher and DVS, he's back with his most recent album Red Summer. Also featuring the hottest line up of artists, from TE dness, Cadet, Moelogo to Ayo Beatz and Figure Flows.

We caught up with the South London MC to talk about Red Summer, what keeps him motivated and why he stays so hard on his grind.

So how old are you?

Just a little bit older than 24.

For those who don't know who you are, what should they go listen to right now?

Check out the video Pull Up which is on Red Summer as well, featuring Moelogo, that's on SBTV now so you can YouTube that and then check out my Sound Cloud Seejay100 music.

Support the project, Red Summer and you can get that on all online platforms like Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play. Jump on the wave before it's too late man!

Tell us about the project Red Summer?

The red, in Red Summer stands for rich every day, so it's not even like a flexing thing, tryin stunt like.

You can be rich in different ways, you can be rich in opportunity, it's from a  motivational stance, and obviously summer is like a vibrant time, and most of the music on their is like a summery vibrant kinda thing, so yeah that's that.  

Any collabs coming up soon?

Yeah I got a few, I am working on to many projects at the moment so I have got a few, I am not really going to say any names yet. But yeah, 2017 is looking healthy, I am really coming for it, I am really, really, really coming for it.

The work rate I have had this year, to the viewers or to the people who say "Yeah, yeah, you have worked quite hard." But nah, compared to what mans got next year, it's a whole different ball game, a 100 times.

So who did you listen to growing up?

I was a big music listener, right down to Michael Jackson, Prince or DMX, do you know what I mean. I was a proper, proper music lover.

What advice would you give to the youth?

You can be young and say I want to be a footballer, you can say that everyday but if you are not going training every day, then you are just talking.

I am quite competitive init, so there's not much things I can't do.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Just really, really, really, living my dream. Now I am working towards my dream, but in five years I want to be really, really living my dream.

Do you ever think that the money or the fame would ever change you?

You know what, people ask this question all the time and I think that anyone who kind of works hard and they get that little fame, it is a whole different lifestyle init.

But I think that it would never really change me especially to people like my supporters or people I know on day to day basis. You know certain people get rich and switch, it not that it will never be like that, but I love my peoples, do you know what I mean.

So my supporters they are my peoples as well, especially like my family and friends, when I am not doing music I am with my peoples. Whether I am playing blackjack or just playing computer or just messing around I love that family time, and my friends are family as well. I love that kinda thing. So the money can never really change me.

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be?

Definitely obviously the 02 is a big thing init, like the Greenwich O2 it's like a big thing so I would love to sell out the 02!

You've got the smaller ones but you've got the bigger one in Greenwich, like the Indigo so I would love to eventually sell out those, and that'd be sick! Cause you know, I am from London so it would always be sick to conquer here as well.

What has having a daughter taught you?

I have got a daughter now, she's 19 months now. That's my blessing man, that's what kept me going and even little things were you want to give up, or you think this music thing is too long and then you just jump back on other things. But my daughter is watching me so I can't give up, she needs to be able to get bigger and be like "Yo that's my dad!"