Big Dreams, 616 Shit

Indie | Saturday 11th March 2017 | Amelia

London boy Bakar is about to change things.

His single Big Dreams feels reminiscent of 2008 indie, bloc party and Jamie T, XFM in its glory days. The song’s got a vibe that’s been missing from the scene for a while and has a super nostalgic feel to it. 

A member of the 616 collective, singer, and model in his spare time, Bakar is not one to be slept on.

Although Big Dreams is his only official single to date, he’s also got a few songs on Soundcloud which have a completely different feel to them and this is part of why we’re fucking with him, with only a few songs he’s already shown so much diversity and the potential to put on sick live shows.

We're keeping our eyes on our recommendation of the month and watching closely to see where he takes things next, follow Bakar on twitter to watch with us.