Get Out and see 'Get out'

Other | Wednesday 8th March 2017 | Pasha

Get Out is a horror with a difference, lead by our own home grown Daniel Kaluuuya, and Girls star Allison Williams. 

Kaluuya plays Chris Washington, a talented young photographer visiting his girlfriend, Rose Armitage’s, family home for the first time. Chris’s first concern, ‘do they know that I’m black?’ is quickly brushed off by Rose, but this turns out to be just the start of his problems. 

The off-key behaviours of the Armitages and queer characters he encounters give Chris the sense that all is not as it seems, in the quiet country home.

With a backdrop of American men going missing there is an important satirical edge to Get Out. In a reality where over 200 African-Americans were killed by the police in 2016, (15 per cent of them unarmed), the black experience in America really is a horror show.

Written and directed by Jordan Peele, of comedy duo Key and Peele, there is a lot to laugh at in the film. However this does not stop the chilling construction of disturbing images and timely jump scares. Get Out is an impressive debut that won’t disappoint horror fans and will attract every curious cinema-goer.  

Get Out hits UK theatres 17th March!