Depop: Making Rare Fashion Accessible

Other | Wednesday 1st March 2017 | Amelia

Remember when Wavey Garms took the underground by storm? Clubs kids started rocking Palace, vintage Moschino and Tommy Hilfiger, and you couldn’t scroll past two pictures on Instagram without seeing some kid in a Ralph Lauren Polo cap.

Many apps and websites have tried to do second hand shopping but most have stayed in Ebay’s shadow, swept under the rug and dismissed. Depop seems to have found a perfect balance between the two, drawing in the Wavey Garms crowd but dropping the elitism.

It’s the only online market place where it’s standard for someone to put a kiss at the end of a message, and most pictures of the clothes being sold are selfies, often of teenagers wearing them at festivals with K ciders in hand.

Depop is quickly making rare/ vintage fashion accessible, a treasure trove of rare items. If you look hard enough, there are great bargains to be found, with the contrast of second hand coats being sold for over £600, so if you’re willing to spend a month’s rent on a Stone Island x Supreme collab, Depop is the place for you, and if you’ve got time to trawl through the site you may also be able to get a rare pair of Dr Marten’s for a fiver.

The app may be unusual, but it’s not unethical. There’s a whole world of custom, hand made and second hand clothes out there, old and new available to buy and sell at the click of a button.

Check out my top 5 Depop sellers below

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