Forfeits Makes you lose your Shit

Other | Tuesday 28th February 2017 | Terje

Hope and Anchor in Highbury & Islington hosted the launch of Forfeits new EP. Supported by the talented Dead Dollar Days and Du Bellows, and it was a night to remember.

The pub’s downstairs basement was already filled with people by the time I got there. Forfeit’s drummer happily greeting us at the door, stamping our hands, and the place was shaking from Dead Dollar Days. Continued with a powerful Du Bellows it was finally time for Forfeits.

The band consist of three London guys: Adam Silas (vocals and guitar), Nathan Gregory (drummer) and Tom Stone (bass). Seemingly heavily influenced by the Royal Blood and  The White Stripes, the Forfeits have a heavy rock and alternative bluesy feel to them. Having come together just under a year ago this is their first EP.

The crowd was getting excited for the headliner of the evening and the boys kicked the night off with a song from their new EP Walk. Filled with crazy guitar riffs, it’s a song that will be stuck in your head for the next few days. The crowd, including me seemed to be getting the edge off a bit more and people were cheering along and the vibes were good.

Throughout the evening Forfeits played tunes from their new EP as well as a few of their older singles.

The guys decided to get the crowd even more heated with a refreshing rock cover of Cab Calloway’s Millie Moocher. By that moment the crowd was sweaty and hot, exactly like a proper rock gig should be. People singing along and the vocalist chatting with the crowd made the it feel as if they were your mates from long before.

Another banger from their new EP Amy’s News & Liquor supposedly about a fiery Tinder date, is another good example of what they do best. It is catchy and I dare to say the sensual guitar and bass in the bridge will make you love Forfeits even more.

I have to be honest though, although I think the boys are absolutely killing it with their musical skills, the lyrical side sees a lot of room for improvement. I often found the lyrics slightly cheesy and another one of their songs “Sick, Sick Sweetie” just a bit dragging and a too slow to my taste.

Forfeits finished the evening with one of my favouite song from the EP, “Drown”. Incredibly catchy and well executed performance left the crowd screaming their lungs out. 

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the Forfeits boys. 

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