Why reclaimed vintage fashion is the perfect addition to your wardrobe

Thursday 23rd February 2017 | Katelyn

Over the years there has been an increasing awareness that sometimes the clothes we are purchasing are not always made in as ethical a fashion as we would like to imagine.

When some of your favourite high street brands aren’t sourcing their clothing ethically it may be time to turn to something new, or old?

Reclaimed Vintage pieces use vintage materials to create and rework new and often unique trendy items. That will bring something a little more special to your wardrobe than perhaps Primark or H&M will. Since their pieces also reuse old materials they are more environmentally friendly than just picking something brand new off the rack.

 Primark has faced many accusations over the years for using sweatshop labour to produce their clothes.

High street stores such as H&M work on a basis of providing fast fashion that is not designed to be long lasting and durable as trends are changing so quickly that their clothing doesn’t need to be worn for long.

This means that more textiles and materials need to be produced than necessary and often the way they are created is detrimental to the environment. For example the commonly used material polyester is made from petroleum in a process that uses large amounts of crude oil and releases harmful emissions into the atmosphere. 

So why not check out these brands that are doing it the right way:

Reuse, Reinvent, Revive is a high end collection of vintage fashion that has been reworked by Anne Bernecker, a fashion designer, trend consultant and trend forecaster. Bernecker has been working in fashion for over 15 years, so it’s safe to say she knows what she’s doing.  She sources materials from her travels to create truly special one off pieces. Think bejewelled denim and lots of sparkle showcasing real talent, all of her pieces are handmade!

Asos Marketplace offers a more affordable version of reworked vintage pieces with painted leather jackets and floaty floral dresses there’s plenty to choose from. This is one to check out for all the boho-chic gals out there. Make sure not to overlook the accessories as there are some really cool pieces for summer including jewellery and embroidered bum bags which are just perfect if you have a festival coming up.

Urban Outfitters also have a section called Urban Renewal which sources vintage materials to rework into a cool new collection. Head over there for some authentic grungy indie vibes true to the Urban Outfitters brand and style. There are a lot of block coloured pieces as they keep it simple and understated, but there are also some really stunning creations. If you really want to stand out at the party there’s a lovely range of mesh, velvet and shimmery dresses and tops to choose from.

Image Credit: Razz

We Are Cow have a very retro reworked vintage collection that is great for everyday style. I have a real love for their way of taking vintage men’s shirts and reworking them into really cool woman’s dresses. They have plenty of styles and colours making them perfect for all your round.

Or if you’re feeling really creative why not give it a go yourself? Try your local vintage and charity shops and find yourself some hidden gems that you can rework into something you will truly treasure.

Keep an eye out for fabric that catches your eye and maybe try taking up a cool midi skirt into a mini skirt, you could even try embroidery or bejewelling your new stash. Spray painting denim with metallic fabric paint will add a real edge to your ethical and environmentally friendly purchases.

So why not do something a little different and try out some amazing one off pieces which are just as special as the story behind them.