Why you should not judge clubs by reviews only

Other | Wednesday 22nd February 2017 | Valentina

The diversity of London clubs can turn a good Friday feeling into endless debates of where to go.


From a simple student night at Ministry of Sound to a exclusive night out at Libertine - party lovers can choose whatever they want. But why do some clubs in central London sometimes get no more than three stars on a Google review?


People open Google Maps and see club reviews with 1-star, with comments like 'I would give it zero if I could, everyone is rude.' But most people usually come to the conclusion that the club is awful and decide to go somewhere else. As a result, they are missing out. 


If someone doesn’t like chocolates it doesn’t mean you should never eat it, right? So one night out will not destroy your weekend, and at least you will get to check out the club for yourself. Most negative comments come from negative people. 


For example, sometimes drunk and aggressive people are rejected from clubs. Then those same people go and leave bad reviews.There is no place which will be ideal for everyone, so find out for yourself whether you will like it or not. 


So why not check out these clubs for yourself:


Libertine. 4 Winsley St, Fitzrovia. It has 2 stars out of 5 but staff are polite and the music is great. 


Project. 78 Wells St, Fitzrovia. I enjoyed my night out, met some nice people there and enjoyed the music.



Drama Park Lane. 35 Hertford St, Mayfair.  Every single time I have been there, it's been wonderful. 


Don't just rely on online comments, have fun with your friends and make your own conclusions.