Graphic Novel ‘The Life of Bob Marley’ to be Released

Reggae | Tuesday 21st February 2017 | Tali

Reggae legend Bob Marley will have his life depicted in a vibrant graphic novel by writer and illustrator Jim McCarthy and Spanish artist Benito Gallego.

36 years after Bob Marley's death his influence is still as prominent as it was when he was alive, and the graphic novel presents a new medium for fans to learn about and celebrate the musician.

The novel documents Marley’s life from when he came to represent Jamaican music in the early 1960s until his death (from cancer) at the age of 36.

It will depict important parts of the musicians’ life and how he formed his legacy from performing with The Wailers, converting to Rastafarianism and touring the US & Europe, where he performed over 300 concerts in total.

At the time of his death, Jamaican Prime Minister Edward Seaga described Marley as having a voice with an “omnipresent cry in our electronic world,” he went on to say that “his sharp features, majestic locks, and prancing style (were) a vivid etching on the landscape of our minds,” and he was a man who “cannot be erased from the mind. He is part of the collective consciousness of the nation.”

Celebrating and honouring his political and spiritual music, the novel depicts Marley’s rise to becoming revolutionary, belief in the power of music and fight for freedom. The 160-page novel will be released on March 13th.