Don't Say We Didn't Tell You About These Indie Tracks

Indie | Tuesday 21st February 2017 | Rachel

Tash Sultana - Notion


This week has seen Tash Sultana, a once street peformer and youtube star, rise through the ranks as her physical release of the debut EP Notion was flooded to stores and online music sites.

This solidifies her progress as a artist profile, Notion is the faultless illustration of Sultana’s seamless guitar solos, angelic vocals and capability to command several instruments at once.

The Orwells - Creatures

Since their formation in 2009, The Orwells have been readily producing quirky strings of melodic rock advanced with hot and loud vocals with ease.

Creatures is a playful track itching with catchy riffs, spiked with a funky edge and chorus that remains wrapped around our minds. Creature is just one stand out track of The Orwells new album Terrible Human Beings.

Horse Thief - Falling For You

Handsomely brooding track Falling For You is a subtle yet substantial addition to Horse Thief's newest album release Trials & Trushs. It's delicacy is granted to it's tanglement of lingering guitar riffs as well as the chiming of piano keys that sprinkle the track. Falling For You crashes with a crescendo ending leaving listeners upbeat.



The Jesus and Mary Chain - Always Sad


The Jesus and Mary Chain, made famous for their albums once drenched in melancholy and a sense of monotone gloom have ironically achieved the opposite with their newest track Always Sad. The track is still enriched with their memorable 80’s fuzz and Jim Reid's slurring vocals, but Always Sad is also brightened by the accompaniment of Bernadette Denning's, dueting with her sunnier voice. The Jesus and Mary Chain are set to release their new album Damage and Joy on March 24th.

The Courtneys - Tour

Thrashing and energetic, The Courtneys new second, album self titled (II) is immersed with ripping, lo-fi punk tracks, with Tour being no exception. With a intense and boisterous introduction that pounds on through, listeners are thrown straight into the pit as you’re hear Jen Twynn Payne's sun drenched vocals.